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Vesselin Andreev's self-portrait
Vesselin Andreev’s self-portrait

Vesselin Andreev is an artist from Bulgaria. He uses different types of technique for his paintings and drawings like, for example, oil paints placed on canvases by palette knives. The final results here are paintings with vivid and saturated colors.

He likes the ‘dry brush’ technique as well where with the help of a dry brush a minimum quantity of oil paint is placed on a watercolor paper. The final result here is very precise.

The digital way of creating pictures is also a good option for Andreev. It is a very interesting type of creating art that has its own advantages.

Vesselin Andreev pictures women, men and animals. You can also see landscapes, seascapes and still life paintings created by him. Creating paintings of women, however, is his passion.

The models for his pictures are either imaginary, live models, or ideas taken from photos. All live models are of ages of 18 or older.

Every piece of his artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, hand-signed and dated by the artist.

If you have any questions, please let him know by using the contact page.

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